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What Is Next On Your Project List?

Small, Basic Concrete Projects

I have heard it said, “There are two types of concrete in Florida, cracked and cracking.” However that saying is not set in stone, all concrete is not created equal.

Hydration or Dehydration?

  • Hydration is a chemical reaction between some of the concrete’s ingredients and water. Hydration is one of many reactions that bring the concrete mix to full strength.
  • When newly poured concrete is out in the sun it dehydrates faster than hydration can occur. The result is weak concrete that is soft and fails. That is the type we normally chop out and replace.
  • There are a host of other reasons for failure. We think dehydration is the main reason for it. We see concrete drying in the sun all of the time, so will you now that you know.
  • We understand concrete and how it arrives at a quality product. We take each step to customize and handle the blend for its intended purpose.
  • Those that have not learned the chemistry behind successful concrete and have years in the industry have been doing it wrong for years. Cracked and cracking?
  • A decorative and cost alternative to concrete is pavers, especially for smaller projects like the ones we do. Although we do not install pavers, many companies do.
  • We have removed our share of pavers due to washout (rain water removing sand from under the pavers).
  • We do not repair compromised concrete, we remove and replace.


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