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Frames provide complete protection against the elements by creating a fully composite moisture barrier that encases the entryway and protect on all fronts. Our frames will not rot. Bugs don’t eat them unlike wood they have very little expansion and contraction so the door remains operational. Unless otherwise requested by the customer we use stainless steel hinges.

Why go to such great measures? The quality of farmed wood has diminished over the years. We are now seeing wood rot in as little as six years on new home doors that are covered by an entrance roof.

The door itself is fiberglass, unlike metal it will never rust or dent. We are now seeing rust develop on new home doors in as little as 3 years.

 Severe Weather door glass is certified for use in a range of entrance systems to meet Florida wind-borne requirements in areas where wind speeds can exceed 180 mph. Severe Weather door glass meets DP±66  and Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorist blast standards and Miami Dade  large missile impact

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