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Hurricane Impact Doors & Windows

The feedback from our customers about these windows indicates these windows improve the quality of life.

After we hear about the ease of function our customers are impressed with the noise reduction. We hear example after example of just how quite these window make their home. Some did not realize the level of noise infiltrating their home and now enjoy peace and quiet.

We hear about security, locking these window that have the capacity to keep a hurricane out is a fantastic burglar deterrent.

None of them miss their hurricane shutters or preparing them for a storm. They now have full light and do not live in darkness, They no longer feel they are trapped in their home from shutters trapping them in.

You shouldn’t  let the cost of these windows keep you from  getting them, most homes cost under $150 a month, many much less. (Financing available) Call for your free estimate.

Energy efficiency not only saves money but makes the home more comfortable.

  • Improves Quality of Life
  • Enjoy Peace and Quiet
  • Burglar Deterrent
  • No Need For Hurricane Shutters
  • No more feeling trapped or living in the dark
  • Energy Efficiency


Insulated Impact Door Before 2
Insulated Impact Door During


Why do we always recommend the best replacement door on the market?


The door system is only as good as the frame it is hung on. The industry standard door is hung on a wood frame, the farmed trees of today do not have the quality of yesteryear. Also the wood gets wet and bugs move in. To degrade the frame more, they make the frames with joints, lots of joints the wood can be as short as 8 inch pieces glued together. We have seen rot develop on a frame only six years old, even under a roof. Once the bottom of the frame rots it is compromised and not up to win code.

Rot Solution

The doors we use have composite frames. They are impervious to water and bugs.

Rust and Dents

Metal doors require constant maintenance to keep the rust at bay they also get unsightly dents from moving.

Rust and Dents Solution


Fiberglass can last easily for decades as they will not rot, rust, warp, bow, or even deteriorate. They are highly resistant to dents, scratches, and require low maintenance. They do require exterior paint or stain.

Wind and Wind Driven Debris Protection

Whether or not you want glass in your door, we have you covered. The link above shows decorative impact glass also available in clear, with or without blind built in, shapes and sidelights.

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