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Garage Floor Covering

Designed from the ground up to provide the best value garage floor covering on the market. Each roll is backed by the longest warranty ever offered for a vinyl garage floor product. Constructed from100% premium grade polyvinyl.

Should Be used  as garage floor mats, as a wall to wall garage flooring, as workshop flooring, in storage sheds, as industrial anti slip flooring, and more. It provides around the clock vapor barrier lowering the constant humidity in the garage that enters through the floor. It will prevent decomposition and rust from deteriorating the thing you keep in the garage.

Why risk painting your garage floor? Most people putting polyvinyl in the garage have experience with paint epoxy and other roll on Garage floor coatings. At best they last for a wile then become un-cleanable from dirty car tires.

Polyvinyl Flooring

Polyvinyl is easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning of this roll out flooring / matting typically includes:

Sweeping, blowing off, or vacuuming any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the tiles when necessary.
For more difficult or liquid stains, the product can be cleaned inside or outside the garage using a mild soap and water solution and a broom or vinyl brush to scrub the floor surface.

Note: This is not a stain proof product. Leaving certain harsh chemicals on the rolls for an extended period of time may cause some staining and/or damage. Street tar can cause staining to light colored rolls and in most instances this staining can be remedied with a cleaner called Purple Power. If you have performance tires, staining can occur with light colored rolls. In most instances this may not be remedied with a cleaner. If the staining on your floor does not dissipate, please contact our dedicated Customer Service team at 800-613-0996 who can further assist you.  Due to the nature of manufacturing design pattern at joints may not align perfectly, color may have slight variation.

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