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Kitchen Contractors Fort Pierce
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Kitchen Renovation Fort Pierce
Kitchen Contractors Fort Pierce


Kitchen renovation fort pierce
Home Remodeling Fort Pierce
Kitchen Redesign Fort Pierce
Kitchen Contractors Fort Pierce
Custom Kitchens Fort Pierce

What is Cabinet Re-Facing?

Re-Facing is an alternative to a full kitchen remodeling project for those who can’t commit the time and effort. However, Re-Facing is comparable in cost to a new kitchen. Often the choice between Re-Facing and new comes down to your countertops. If you want to save your existing countertops, Re-Facing may be the right option for you. Added benefits include that Re-Facing takes less time to complete and less materials being removed and replaced from your home.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, cabinet re-facing is an alternative to a complete remodel. Cabinet Re-Facing is a great way to beautify your existing cabinets and simultaneously create a dramatically different and distinctive new look in your kitchen. People who choose Re-Facing are generally satisfied with their overall cabinet layout but want to change the look and improve the functionality of their cabinetry.

The Process

  • We begin by removing the cabinet doors and drawers.
  • The next step prepares the cabinet boxes for the Re-Facing process by sanding, repairing and modifying them. We will also add any new cabinet boxes at this time.
  • Once the cabinets are ready, we will apply our identical veneers using 3M permanent cement. If you choose to replace your drawer boxes, we will install dovetail constructed drawers and new rails.
  • Once the cabinets are veneered and the drawer boxes are in place, new doors, drawer fronts and moldings are installed and aligned.

We go way beyond the scope of our competition. We handle installing/removing walls, opening walls building pantries, replacing pass through windows, we can re-laminate your countertops in place or whatever else you would like.

before and after kitchen remodeling

​Re-Facing your kitchen allows you to update the look and functionality of your space. You can beautify and modernize any kitchen with refacing while also saving time and money. The basic process is described and pictured in our diagram below. With db Home Improvements re-facing your kitchen, you can also make changes to your kitchen such as adding or removing cabinets, enlarging openings, adding pantries and removing or adding walls. At your free estimate we will evaluate the condition of your cabinets to ensure that they are a good fit for re-facing.
With db Home Improvements you can choose to replace your existing counter tops or save them. Many of our clients have already put in or have Granite tops, or their Laminate tops are in great shape. Re-Facing is an excellent way to save your existing counter-tops. Though if you do desire to change your tops, we have a full selection of Countertops readily available.

When we re-face your kitchen cabinets, you get to choose from a wide variety of new and stylish cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We can apply fine wood veneers or laminate to the face frames of your cabinets, finished to match your new kitchen cabinet doors and the rest of your kitchen. You also have options like opening pass through, changing or removing walls, adding pantries, replacing windows, replacing your kitchen cabinet end panels with doors, updating your appliance panels and many other kitchen refreshing choices. We can match the interior with solid colors to match.The national board of realtors states that 87% of a minor kitchen remodel (like re-facing) is recouped in added value to your home. Minor kitchen remodeling has the highest return on investment.

We offer a full selection of counter tops. If you have already upgraded your counter tops or they are in good shape we do not have to disturb them to reface your kitchen. You may want to add cabinets to your kitchen remodel project. Maybe you have always dreamed of adding an island or pantry, extending your kitchen cabinets to form a peninsula or even taking out a wall and expanding your kitchen space. With db Home Improvements you have the freedom of all these options and more!

Kitchen Redesign Fort Pierce
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We offer much more than surface beauty. We give you the ability to improve the function of your kitchen cabinets. You will get new top-quality hinges for your doors and new glides that will add ease to using your kitchen drawers. We offer new drawer boxes, roll trays and many other kitchen cabinet interior accessories.

You may be dreaming of continuing your remodel project into other areas of your home. We can do your bath, laundry, coordinate a fireplace and even add a surround-sound entertainment center or built-in bookcases. Imagine all of the creative possibilities! db Home Improvements will make your home remodeling dreams come true.

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