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Crown moulding is an affordable way to upgrade any room in your home by adding a feeling of warmth and elegance. Without crown moulding, even the most beautifully decorated rooms look unfinished. By definition, crown moulding runs along the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling. The wider the moulding, the more stately the effect. Because ceilings and walls are rarely perfectly square, crown moulding can be tricky to install. That’s why most “do-it-yourself” homeowners will hire a professional when it comes to installing crown.

Vero Beach Gallery Crown Moulding


Baseboards, originally known as washboards, cover the lowest part of an interior wall. The purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It covers the inevitable uneven edge as flooring meets the wall. As a secondary function, it protects the wall from kicks and abrasion and sometimes prevents furniture from being pushed right against the wall. As a tertiary function, it can serve as a decorative moulding.

Many homes are built with small, basic baseboards. A simple way to enhance the appearance of your home is to remove the basic baseboards that came with your home and install something more substantial.

Vero Beach Gallery ​​Baseboards

If your home has basic windows, then it may lack the visually appealing finished trim work of window sills, aprons and casings.  This simple addition will frame your windows and elevate your home to a more custom feel. Door casings can also be added or replaced if it is ever desired or necessary.

Stuart Gallery​Window Sills, Stools, Aprons and Casings


Wainscots are back with more variety than ever. These trims reach only part way up a wall to visually lower high ceilings, add interest to walls that have no built-in character, or simply provide some decorating punctuation to your design statements. Wainscoting is an excellent way to transform a bland space into a stunning elegant area or an accent wall.
Chair rail, also known as running trim, is usually found at a height where most chair backs would hit the wall. Chair rail can also be used alone as a wall divider between paint colors or a paint section with wallpaper or below.

Palm City Gallery​ Wainscot and Chair Rail

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