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Soffit & Fascia, Exterior Wood Trim Repair

db Home Improvement’s have the solution for all your exterior wood trim including door & window trim plus fascia and soffits.

Painting exterior trim can be a task that is not only expensive, but also time consuming.

Repainting your home’s trim is something you might want to avoid. Low-maintenance is a goal many homeowners strive for. Maintaining exterior wood trim requires careful attention to detail, considerable effort and lots of time.

Trim painting can be a difficult do-it-yourself task that is time consuming and costly. Ladder work is exhausting and dangerous for the novice.

Professional Painting is expensive, ideally you would want to repaint you trim before soft spots and other painter’s preparation occurs. The difficult part is seeing the condition of your trim from the ground, until it is too late. Why not fix it once and forget it?

Luckily, there is an easier way to maintain your exterior trim that gives long-term return on a one-time investment It arrests wood from rotting, while eliminating the need for paint. It’s the simple solution to give exterior finishes a long and maintenance-free life, PVC clad aluminum overlay.

PVC clad aluminum has been successfully used for decades. It’s beautiful wood grain fresh paint finish is a timeless addition to any home. It does not fade or discolorKeeping its beauty from day one.

This product is decades old it has a successful track record of doing what it should, look pretty and preserve wood.


Lifetime Warranty

Maintenance free for years to come

Protection from elements that wear and rot wood

Isolates trim from insects such as termites and beetles

Resistance from fire

Excellent appearance for a continuous “just-painted” look

One time cost with long-term money savings

Variety of color choices

We cut it to length and bend it into the profile of the wood we are covering. When installed properly it takes your wood trim out of the sun and rain and lowers the moisture content of the wood itself adding decades of life to your trim. Think of it this way, how long would wood last stored inside of your garage?

We provide a safe and speedy working environment, Why waist time running up and down ladders. Platform to the second floor, it is like working on the ground.

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