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What Is Next On Your Project List?

Free Estimates… In order to serve you better and meet and exceed your expectations we require all decision making parties to be present at your free estimate and all subsequent appointments. This includes everyone on the deed to the home and spouses on or off off the deed. It is also a good idea to have adult children or a trusted friend present. This heads off misunderstandings that may arise during early and progressive communication. We can serve you better and you will know what to expect without any surprises.

Insurance companies are getting more and more difficult to work with. Unfortunately we can no longer extend free estimates for insurance claims. If you need an insurance related quote we have a $50.00 processing deposit. This fee will be deducted off of your contract amount after we are hired.

The vast majority of our client base are homeowners that reside in the home we are working in. We have no objection to working with landlords and some commercial projects. If you are a landlord and need or desire the same quality materials, service and workmanship as if it were your home we just may be a fit. 

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