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What Is Next On Your Project List?

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How do you know who to hire for your home improvements?

Often the best way is word of mouth. The theory behind this method is that friends have like minded interests. Friends may be at the same stage of life so it would stand to reason the value in the service level they need is also similar. That is not always the case, if the referred customer does not share the same value in service word of mouth is no longer the best way.

I was talking with my nephew trying to explain the differences in companies service levels. I had him go on my site he could not see the exact level of service we offered. I explained the industry he said “put what you said on your site, it may help people.” So here it is.

Home centers are a popular place for people to get home improvements the majority of people we talked to only use them once because often there is a often hassle over one thing or another. Keep in mind home centers want to sell your stuff and have you do the project yourself, “DYS” store.

Kitchen Contractors Fort Pierce

Supplying materials has nothing to do with remodeling they specailize in Chinese products and the tools to complete the project. These DYS centers also have to stay accountable to the NY stock exchange. If the product doesn’t come from China the profit margins aren’t there.

American labor in your home does not come from China. It is hard for the DYS centers to get everyone involved in your project paid, while satisfying their stockholders profit margins. With huge overhead like that has to be accounted for, it must get paid by the consumer. On the upside their is a measure of safety that comes with the DYS contractors. They rarely stop attempting to satisfy their Improvement customers. I have seen them come back to fix the issue over 20 times until the customer is happy or happy enough to not want to be warn down any more.

Kitchen Remodeling

Over the years internet inquiries have grown to be the leader of advertising. I haven’t seen a yellow book at my door for some time. Naturally this development is not without drawbacks. When you search for services online third party lead sellers dominate the highest ranking.

With the exception of the Better Business Bureau the third party information dealers are about the same. Like Expedia when you are looking for a hotel room they specialize in filling empty rooms at a discount rate. Hotels subscribe to sites like this to fill rooms that would otherwise be empty.

18 Months Same As Cash, Or Low Payment Up To 20 Year Term

Expedia them offers the consumer a discount and bills the hotel for the customer booking the room through them. In the home improvement industry, it doesn’t work quite the same. When you search for a contractor and the search comes back with “15 best contractors in your area” Those are the contractors that paid for the spot, that does not make them the best, hardly the best for you.

How do I know? I have dabbled over the years with theses marketing companies, I got service awards after paying for additional placement, then with no other changes I would get an email saying I earned the award.

Before you decide what type of company to hire for your project list the things that are most important to you. Most of the customers that decide on us want their life to be as normal as possible. They have been there and done that with the low-ball ,and the overpriced companies that come with too much disruption and hassle.

Some of our customers had not improved anything for years because of the hassle most companies offer. They feel like they got the short end of the stick. Our work is second to none. That is easy for us because there is no substitute for experience. We also operate without customer complaints. We take the time and energy to meet our customers expectations one job at a time.

If you are not concerned with the disruption remolding can cause and want to babysit your project every step of the way you can ignore the due dalliance and go with price alone. However don’t ignore proper licencing, insurance and workers comp. If you do you can wind up liable for personal injury and property damage. Also there is no consumer protection without proper licencing leaving you no recourse without civil and criminal court. Winning a civil suite gets you a judgment, not necessarily any loss recovery Using this method pay as you go, no large up front deposit also you should also pay for your own materials then there is never a discrepancy regarding who owns them. That way if the project goes bad you will not have lost too much. You may possibly come out ahead.

  • What is your normal procedure for working with a new customer?

    ​There are a few different processes for working with new customers. Depending on the project and the experience level and needs of the customer the variables that we have learned over the years are addressed.  We need to define the customers’ expectations. Some expectations are simple, show up on time or call, keep customers informed of developments, stick to the original quote on pricing, keep a clean work area, clarify scheduling – all of the basics. Some expectations are not so simple and need to be addressed before beginning the project.  We were quoting a major kitchen project. Our customers ran a dog kennel that was being built at the same time as we were doing their major kitchen remodel. They had nine show dogs in their home and they needed until noon with the dogs before we could get in to work. Other customers are highly sensitive to allergies and in those situations we will need more time to address their issue.  We have to be sure to meet and exceed our customers every expectation and once we achieve that customer satisfaction is simple.

  • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

    It is not cheap to get and keep good help. Our scrupulous choices are reflected in our reviews. When the time comes to integrate new workers into our workforce we start with a rigorous interview process.
    Our evaluation process brings an awareness to us about the individuals qualities. We evaluate each applicant every step of the way. We assess skill level and critical thinking. We require a background check and a drug test. The applicant then starts a probationary hiring status. Since we complete one job before starting the next we do not leave new workers on the job without a seasoned and trusted veteran present.

  • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

    ​After attending AI Prince Tech for general trades majoring in carpentry, blue print reading and estimating,
    I annually complete continuing education to maintain my state certification.  After years in the home improvement industry and two decades of owning and operating a successful home improvement business I understand that there is no substitute for experience.

  • Do you have a standard pricing for your service?

    Yes. Many small simple jobs have standard pricing while larger projects need to be looked at a bit closer. Often larger
    ​more complicated jobs are a series of smaller projects that need to tie in together.
    The more standardized pricing we can use the quicker we can give an estimate.

  • How did you get started doing this type of work?

    Back in grade school my father was a truck driver for Coca Cola. I knew I did not want to do that. Walking to school one day I saw Vintage Homes starting to build a new house and I was fascinated. The excavation alone was the envy of most boys dreams. The fascinating part for me was the building, more specifically the tools and the speed of accomplishment.  So much so that I was not discouraged by the hand saw in shop class. I knew those days would be short lived once I got my power tools. In the 8th grade I got my first table saw.  To this day, if there is a tool to increase production I have it.

  • What types of customers have you worked with?

    We have worked with just about everyone. Retirees, Snowbirds, First time homeowners, Mail men, Land fill workers,  Nurses, Kennel owners, Restaurant owners, Car dealership owners, Trucking company owners, Veterinarians, Anistegioligsts,  Doctors,
    Business men from middle management through Vice presidents, Chief financial officers,  Lawyers, Captains of industry,
    Town managers, Engineers and more, too many to list. We never ask what anyone’s profession or career is.

  • Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

    ​We just had 6” gutters installed on our home, it took around 6 hours.
    ​I am very fond of it because my wife was so happy to have them completed. 🙂

  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a Home Improvement Contractor?

    We have all heard it, “most new businesses fail” It is true, not just limited to new business. I have seen contractors come and go and I have cleaned up the mess they left in their wake.  Why is this? The why of it is exactly why you need to stay on guard.

    I find it a good practice to deal with people that have the capacity to be honest. Early honesty detection has served me well when dealing with others. What is in a name? I have noticed many businesses using false claims in their name. For example “Always”, the only companies that should use a name like “Always” should be service providers like alarm companies; they normally always monitor your home. Or “Affordable”, maybe they are, but not to everyone. If you think someone has misrepresented their services it can be an indicator that something will go wrong with the company.

    Mismanagement of funds or not quoting jobs correctly, two biggest killers of contractors. Contractors tend to use new deposits to complete previous jobs. Their work may be good and customers may be happy for a while. As long as they get new jobs they may finish the previous ones. This may go on for some time, but it will fail and costs consumers in the form of unfinished and or substandard work..

    The state of Florida had previously used a part of contractors licensing fees to fund a “Homeowners Victim Fund”. As it was, if a homeowner was left on the short end of the stick, and the contractor had a valid license the state would pay for corrections.  The fund ran dry and the program was discontinued. That level of depletion coming from state licensed contractors was a shock to me. It goes to show just how bad it is out there.

    I see Google guaranties consumer purchases from trusted sites. I am confident that Amazon will not be changing their name too soon. I also see online contractor services offering some sort of guarantee if the homeowner hires through their service. I might find some time to read the fine print on the deal, but I already know that several online services have changed their name. They are the same ones that have been around since the beginning. They get shut down or bad word of mouth causes homeowners to stop using them. Then the same people start a new service overnight with a new name. So what is stopping them from changing again? Also, to complicate matters further, offers of reimbursement for a project gone wrong are being made from companies not residing in Florida. This makes claiming reimbursement an interstate ordeal that will be difficult for the state of Florida to enforce.

    Until the Fed’s set some regulation, you may be on your own.

    I know this type of homeowner reimbursement guarantee failed for the state of Florida and Connecticut. I know that there are no insurance companies that will write such policies. If the state or the insurance industry won’t touch it, I cannot imagine who in their right mind would. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for such claims to be honored.

    I have heard it said people should be sure to get the most recent customer reviews. The thinking behind this is that things should be good with the contractor right now. Recent reviews do not speak as loudly regarding financial stability.

    Old reviews hold more value than current reviews, both work best.

    If you sense something could go wrong with whoever you are thinking of hiring go with your feeling and continue searching. Find a company that makes you comfortable with your decision. By the way, same goes for marriage. 🙂

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