Five Advantages to Using Impact Windows in Port St. Lucie

Impact windows in Port St. Lucie are a must. They keep your home, your valuables, and your family safe. When you live in a place like Florida, you can’t afford to have anything else! Two years ago, Hurricane Irma ripped through the sunny Floridian shores. Millions of homeowners and business owners lost their properties or needed to repair damage. With impact windows, some of the damage that comes with hurricanes can be minimized, or even diminished! There are numerous benefits to using these special types of reinforcements. In this article, we’ll discuss five alternative advantages to impact windows that you might not have known about before!  

Install Your Impact Windows in Port St. Lucie Once  

Hurricane shutters, unlike impact windows, need to be replaced overtime. When you choose impact windows, you will only need an installation once. This is incredibly cost efficient over the years, and will save you from needing to update, repair, or replace damaged or insufficient frames and glass. Of course, there are always exceptions, but impact windows and doors should hold up through almost anything.  

Save Energy  

Regular windows and doors don’t always have the proper seals to make them energy efficient. With energy saving impact windows and doors, you can reduce the solar heat coming into your home and retain the warmth during cooler evenings. Not only will you save on your electricity, but you’ll also be doing something beneficial for the environment.  

Protect Against Break-ins  

Vandalism and thievery aren’t uncommon in Florida. Even in nicer areas, your house can be a target. Often times, hurricane windows protect burglars from robbing the house, simply because they’re painful to break into. The idea of impact glass is that it doesn’t break upon force. When you decide to install these special windows, you can rest at ease knowing that you’re adding an extra layer of security.  

More Aesthetic  

Hurricane windows are incredibly beautiful. Their clean appearance can make any home look more put-together and timeless. Hurricane shutters, on the other hand, don’t make that same statementThey’re bulky and unsightly, and they can even cause the sale of a home to fall through.  

Increase Home Value  

As mentioned above, hurricane windows can actually improve the sale of a home. Most people who are searching for a house in Florida don’t want to have to go through the painful process of installing and uninstalling their hurricane shutters every time there’s a potential threat. They aren’t pretty and they’re not a sure thing when a strong storm hits. If you’re considering selling your home at some point, having these beautiful windows could be a massive advantage!  

If you’re looking for windows in Port St Lucie, contact db Home Improvements today. Our team has years of professionalism and experience when it comes to dealing with Florida’s weather. As hurricane season approaches, it’s crucial to get prepared. Call us today at 772-353-0140!  

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