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Insurance Claims

Back in the good old days insurance companies wanted to take care of their customers. Unfortunately as with so many things the good old days are long gone.


We need not feel bad or fear the insurance companies

The house in human hands

The image above shows Citizens Insurance has $7.4 billion In reserves as surplus meaning they have 7.4 billion dollars with only 489,138 policies held.  So if they had to pay out the maximum amount for each policy they would be paying $137 billion out, leaving them with 7.4 billion dollars left over.

Since I do not know exactly what a billion is I did some calculations attempting to get some idea.

  • 1 million seconds lasts 11 ½ days.
  • One billion seconds lasts 11,574 days that is 32 ½ years.

Not to get to far off track but we need not worry about the insurance companies.

We need to be concerned about your claims and the proper corrections being done to your home. We have seen time and time again insurance companies not paying enough to properly do the repairs. On your own the best you can hope for is do it yourself, or unlicensed contractor funds.

We use licensed adjusting consultants to handle your claim. If you handle your insurance claim yourself you will be dealing with insurance company professionals that are experts at dealing with inexperienced policyholders. Company adjusters often try to either repair what needs to be replaced and/or use lower company estimates for repair costs. If possible company adjusters may try to convince you there is no claim and reject it all together. As an inexperienced, unlicensed and untrained policyholder you won’t realize what is entitled to you.

Here are some examples of how it works:


Insurance company: $5,231.00
Consultants: $61,456.13


Insurance company: $20,590.00
Consultants: $187,951.47


Insurance company: $5311.00
Consultants: $19,947.62


The ban preventing public adjusters from contacting policyholders until at least 48 hours after the occurrence of an event prevents policyholders from becoming aware of their right to be represented and restricts public adjusters, but allows contractors, roofers and other interested parties to contact policyholders.

Read more in the report    http://www.oppaga.state.fl.us/reports/pdf/1006rpt.pdf

Your only gamble is to represent yourself, you will be living a nightmare and not getting enough out of your claim to properly correct the issues.

The cost is 10% of the claim if you decide to contract with us or not.


Exhibit 6

Public Adjuster Representation Typically Resulted in Larger Payments to Policyholders


$2,029 No public adjuster

$17,187  Public adjuster

  • "Insurance companies are not motivated to provide full compensation to policyholder since their responsibility is to shareholders."

  • "Public adjusters are the only advocates that exclusively represent the policyholder."

  • "Insurance companies cause delays in settling claims due to poor communication; failure to respond to requests in a timely manner; and excessive demands for documentation. Insurance companies impose too much burden on policyholders to prove their claims."

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