Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair

At db Home Improvements, we specialize in Stucco Repair Service. If you live in Rio, Stuart, Palm City, Vero Beach, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Sewall’s Point, or Port St. Lucie, you have found the right people for your stucco repair.

We are well versed in exterior home repair, stucco, Hardie board siding, replacement windows and doors, wood rot facia and soffet. We offer all feasible options, and are also well versed in the options to avoid. We are not bound by offering only one solution like many companies. As a result, we will review and quote what is best for you and your budget.

As we know, damaged stucco can be caused by time, foundations and block shifting, flexible wood construction or incorrect installation. If your stucco is loose, has spots, bulges, cracks or holes in it, rain will enter your structure. Once wind-driven rain gets in, the moisture takes a long time to dry out.

Resulting in what we have seen

We have seen that with wood construction, water behind the stucco gets into the plywood sheathing. Moist plywood sheathing grows mold and fungus. What’s worse is this moisture is an invitation for bugs and termites, causing further damage.

We have seen with block construction, water gets in, runs down through the back of the block wall to the slab, then the water reappears as a puddle in the middle of a carpeted bedroom. In this particular case, the stucco was not visibly compromised. The windows were well caulked in, the roofers found nothing in the way of a leak. We painted the old existing chalky paint with primer and a good coat of latex and that was all it needed. No more water infiltration.

We offer a wide variety of services. Click here to see our 5-star customer reviews and A+ BBB rating. Quite often, we find ourselves repairing jobs that were done by stucco contractors that did not follow industry standards, causing immediate or just out of warranty problems. We guarantee our work, and stand behind all the products that we offer.

If the contractor that you hire does not take the time to care about your project, you will end up with further problems.

The area must be prepared correctly. First the vapor barrier and wire mesh are installed, the scratch coat must be applied correctly for the final finished coat to be successful. If the compromised sections in the stucco have any underlying issues, they must be addressed or your repair will fail again. Every picture tells a story, we normally find any underlying issues as the old stucco comes off. We then address any issues we see. If your home isn’t in need of new paint at the time of your stucco repair, we can color match the repair, or paint the entire house once you pick your colors.

Stucco Painting Patching

Another option for stucco repair is stucco painting. If you have minor cracking without loose stucco, meaning delamination or “bows or bubbles”. You can see stucco delamination because sections are protruding out from the plane of the rest of your stucco wall.

The Painting method of repair involves applying a layer of primer to the damaged stucco. Primer will highlight minor cracks, imperfections, and compromised areas to be treated. This method of repair can be handled by any quality house painter. This method of repair can be maintained as required every three to ten years. Staying on top of paint will stave off the need for major repairs becoming necessary.

Stucco Patching

If you have a few unconnected cracks or holes in your stucco, stucco patching may be the best option for you. This method involves filling in the damaged areas with a stucco patching compound, which can be matched to the color and texture of the existing stucco. Quality painters can handle this repair also.

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