Termite Damage Repair Structural

Termites ate the walls and rafters.

Structural termite damage: can be intimidating. We do complete structural repairs, restoring your homes’ strength, so your home can handle its weight load, and won’t blow out from a hurricane due to a compromised structure.

All too often, termite damage for the homeowner starts with the same story. I just purchased my house. The previous owner disclosed that termites had been treated. They also replaced baseboard, repaired siding and sheetrock, so my home inspector could not “visibly see” damage. This could lead to compensation for the new buyer. (Consult a Real Estate lawyer, we are not).

How can we help? We are contractors that specialize in doors, windows, and siding. As we replace customer’s doors, windows and siding, we repair rot so, our installations are sound, so your home is protected. There are many kinds of rot. We live in Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Hobe Sound, Port Saint Lucie and Vero Beach, Florida, and we have extremely humid summers that are an invitation for wood rot, fungus, and worst of all, termites.

If you have a real-estate termite disclosure from a seller, loose baseboard, cracked or loose siding, we can provide you with an exploratory inspection and check for structural damage. Once we find it we can walk you through the process of completing repairs. If you see dirt or dust showing up on sills or floors near the wall, or swarming bugs inside or outside your home, start with an exterminator.

Call us for all of your structural repair needs, we are here to help.

Fungus  and rot evidence: Dry rot and fungus may start to grow on your property following high humidity or  flooding and other situations where your wood gets wet. These organisms thrive in dark, dank, and moist parts of your home, where you may not initially see them. Watch out for a damp, musty odors. This is a top sign you have mold, dry rot, and or fungus, these conditions are an invitation to termites.

You should also look for wood that appears shrinking, darkened, and cracked. In its mycelium phase, dry rot has a white or gray appearance and a fuzzy texture. From there, it will move on to the “fruiting body” or sporophore phase, in which the fungus turns a deep rust color, and begins to release spores into your air. Other wood fungi may grow in various colors. We know that every picture tells a story. If you see something, it cannot be nothing.

Basic termite symptoms: Termite damage evidence is seen in hollowed or damaged wood that can start as needle-size holes appearing in the wood or through paint. You may also notice discarded insect wings near windows, doors, or other access points for termites, as well as droppings that resemble coffee ground or sawdust, because of termite infestation.

Dry wood termites swarm like ants when they are ready to divide the nest into smaller locations. The other major indicator that you’ve got a termite problem is mud tubes. These are small protective tubes made of soil and wood, which are most commonly used by subterranean termites to avoid lizards eating them while shielding themselves from dry environments and the sun.

Subterranean termites use mud tubes to travel back and forth between their food source, your home, and their nest in the ground. If you find a mud tube around your home, it may or may not be active, but it also basically means you have or had a termite infestation at some point, if not an active one right now. If you think you may have termites, call a pest control expert ASAP, and then call us to make the necessary repairs to your home.


Termites ate the walls and rafters.

Termites ate the bathroom wall.

Termite Damage

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