Top Ten Home Remodeling Trends of 2019

Looking to make some changes around the house this year? Whether your renovations are out of necessity or a desire to give your home a fresh new look, choosing something you’ll love for years to come is important. If you’re struggling to choose a direction for your kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, or total home redesign, these top 10 home remodeling trends of 2019 could be a good way to get inspired.

General Trends

The rooms of your home should flow together seamlessly and naturally. You should feel comfortable and at ease and having a central design concept in mind before starting home remodeling in Stuart helps to achieve that sense of Feng Shui. Some 2019 trends you can incorporate around the entire home include:

Warm, Matte Paints: Bring a romantic and cozy feel to any room with a new paint job! Warm, earthy tones in the living room, den, kitchen, and other communal spaces promote happiness, comfort, security—especially rustic browns, reds, and oranges. Choosing paint with a matte finish helps paint last longer without losing its vibrance and lends to a sleek, sophisticated look.

Outdoor Elements: You don’t have to live in a cabin in the woods to connect with nature. Incorporating wood and stone textures throughout the home creates a natural vibe that enhances the grounded comforts we associate with home. Consider adding some wooden motif or stone accents!

Minimalism: Understated, sleek designs are making a big come back in 2019! When doing your home remodeling in Stuart, keep two things in mind: what is your space being used for and can it be simplified? Clean and simple design choices can make your available space feel larger than it is, especially when it comes to bathroom redesign and kitchen renovations. With the ultra-popularity of decluttering and minimalist living, translating that trend into your home design projects will help keep your life organized as well.

Statement Ceilings: This Stuart home remodeling trend is most popular in kitchens but can be used in any room of the house! Too often we forget about the ceiling unless there’s a leak or crack, but this space is essentially another wall you can use to make a statement. Paint your ceiling a bold color or eye-catching pattern. By drawing the eye up, you can create the illusion of a larger room.

Open Shelves: This is another trend that’s most popular in kitchens and bathrooms, but don’t let that limit you! Open shelving lends to a minimalist aesthetic and gives you more space to work with. Go one step further by using glass floating shelves to give the illusion of floating books, candles, or another décor.

Room Specific Trends

If you’re starting your home renovation project with a specific room, these home remodeling trends in Stuart could be just what you need:

Mixed Metals in the Kitchen: Stainless steel isn’t the only metal dominating your kitchen space anymore! Bring on some variety with bronze, silver, or gold accents around your cooking and eating space. Or if you’re really bold, ditch the metal finish altogether and choose a colorful or patterned look for our refrigerator or stovetop.

Appliance Alternatives and Smart Appliances: Speaking of stoves and refrigerators, those giant, clunky, and unflattering appliances are a thing of the past. Choose something that will seamlessly blend into your décor- literally! The ability to camouflage microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators into any cabinet design means you can control the lines and flow of your living space.

You should also look into smart appliances while remodeling your kitchen. Technological advancements mean your appliances can do more of the work for you. From smart timers to help with dinner to cameras that let you see the current contents of your fridge while grocery shopping, smart appliances can seriously change your life.

Colorful Kitchens: We touched on this before, but your kitchen definitely doesn’t have to be boring! Gone are the days of stark white kitchens that lack personality. Use pops of color and statement pieces to bring the room to life.

Statement Tile: While this could also apply to kitchens, bathrooms are where statement tiles can really shine. Geometric patterns and ornamental tile designs can give a unique look to your shower stall or bathroom counter. Don’t limit statement tile to walls, though; floors can be brought back to life with a beautiful tile choice, too.

Quartz Countertops: Another Stuart home remodeling trend that can apply to both bathrooms and kitchens, quartz countertops are making a major comeback. As a cheaper alternative than marble or granite counters, quartz can still give that beautiful, unique patterned look. Be careful with quartz in the kitchen, though—it doesn’t have the same heat resistance as other natural stones.

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