Covid 19 Response

The health and safety of our customers and workers are our top priority and of utmost importance.

Starting with your interior in home estimate we arrive with disposable 3 ply facial masks and disposable polypropylene shoe covers. We disinfect our presentation laptop and product samples before arriving then disinfect our hands in your driveway with bleach detergent (not hand sanitizer) so nothing harmful gets tracked into your home.

Our meticulous measures continue once your project begins.

We are at the supply house for materials when they open. Suppliers are disinfecting overnight so the stores are clean before most shoppers arrive. We disinfect the materials at the supply house so when we arrive at your project site everything is clean and ready to go.

Dust free

During your project we use our customer accredited dust free air exchange method so you will not need to breathe the same air as our craftsman. This is our existing system we use to remove all fine particles and construction dust from your home during your remodeling project.

With a few simple steps we are keeping everyone safe and maintaining a safe environment at no cost to you.

We will continue with these efforts until our customers are comfortable without them. Once this is over we will continue with these efforts for customers that feel it is necessary for them.

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