Kitchen Trends On Tap For 2020

Today’s kitchen is a far cry from years past when it was located in the back of the house, carefully tucked away from a guest’s view. Back then, the company’s place was in the living area, not in the kitchen. The kitchens of yesteryear didn’t focus on aesthetics, storage space, or color schemes. It was primarily a working space where food was prepped and prepared away from curious eyes. Today, a lot has changed about the modern kitchen. For one thing, it’s not uncommon for family and friends to gather in the kitchen to socialize while the cook is preparing the meal. Homes today are designed as open plans where the kitchens flow smoothly into the family room. The perfect setup if you have little ones to keep an eye on while you’re in the kitchen preparing a meal and they are playing or watching TV. So, what changes are in store for us in 2020? More technological advancements are sure to find their way into our daily lives, and that means we will see more electronic use in the kitchen. Most would agree that there are so many great ways today to customize your kitchen in Stuart.
Five kitchen Trends to Look For in 2020:
1. Smart Kitchens – From faucets to the fridge to the lighting, electronics have claimed their place in the modern kitchen. Expect sink systems that can sense your hands under the faucet to lights that come on when you enter a room.
2. Clean lines – While many of us still like a little luxe in our modern kitchen, simplicity is making a welcome comeback. From countertops with seamless, streamlined designs to man-made durable and beautiful countertops like quartz and Corian that come in an array of colors, clean lines are here to stay.
3. Storage options – Open shelving and lots of pull-out drawers for pots and pans, spices and cookbooks in cabinetry are the norm in kitchens these days. One of the keys to creating a great kitchen aesthetic is to make sure that there are enough storage options so that preparing meals can be an effortless task. Less time spent in the kitchen means more family time.
4. Colorful appliances – For years we’ve loved the look of our stainless steel, black and gray appliances, you can expect to see appliances offered in a variety of colors and finishes to add nostalgic flavor. Out with the old, in with the fun and unique.
5. Backsplashes big and bold – Subway tile is not as popular today as large patterned tiles have made a comeback as the perfect backsplash! The right tiles and tile combinations can add a pop of color or an organic, simple pattern that offers a classic, more refined look.

Whatever style you choose to customize your kitchen in Stuart, the design team at db Home IMprovments is always here to help. Our talented kitchen designers and expert installers can help you to select all of the elements you’ll need and help plan a layout of your kitchen that works best for you. Call db Home Improvements today at 772-353-0140 to get started. We are excited to help make your dream kitchen a reality!

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