Consider Upgrading to Insulated Impact Windows in Port St. Lucie

You might call them the best thing since sliced bread. We’re talking about insulated impact windows. We live in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast and true – it’s beautiful here, but the weather can be tricky. This is the start of hurricane season, so it might be a good time to get some new windows installed, before severe weather hits. When you’re ready to upgrade your windows in Port St. Lucie, call the experts – db Home Improvements.

Impact Windows in Port St. Lucie Can Boost Your Home’s Value

In case you don’t know this, insulated impact windows are also known as double-paned windows. They consist of two separate panes of glass bonded together with a strong gas-filled space in between the two panes.

You may think your windows are fine and don’t need to be replaced, but here are some signs that may make you reconsider:

  • Opening or closing them has become difficult
  • You can hear more outside noise
  • They simply look bad; visible damage
  • You notice condensation
  • You notice your electric bill is higher

Insulated impact windows are a great investment and excellent for areas like Florida—prone to violent weather. Here are some more considerations:

  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Ultimate in-home security
  • Protect your family and their valuables
  • Potential energy savings
  • Add value to your home
  • More saving on homeowners’ insurance
  • Significantly reduce outside noises
  • Can Improve the overall look and feel of your home

If you’ve not yet convinced, this could do the trick. With impact windows, there’s no need to put up shutters ahead of the storm. That’s a huge plus. At db Home Improvement, we only use products with the strongest warranties, like Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty covering vinyl, hardware, screens and insulating glass units. In fact, all of our exterior products get registered with the manufacturer.

If you have any questions about windows in Port St. Lucie, and how they can benefit you and your home, ask the experts at db Home Improvements. Call us at (772) 353-0140 for a free estimate.

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