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We specialize in siding and siding repair. Wood siding with vertical lines are most commonly T-11 siding. As with all wood siding and Masonite horizontal siding rots at the bottom and eventually needs to be replaced.


If you own a wood frame house no worries, this will not happen when the stucco is maintained. If your stucco has not been maintained, it is time to worry. Stucco is porous water can seep in and windblown rain is not covered by Homeowners insurance.  Once water is in the wall it never dries. It will rot the structure of the house breeding black mold as it goes. What could be worse? Hurricanes, these walls will not hold up to high wind pressure. It does not matter how you protect your windows if the wall is compromised. If your stucco has needed paint, neglected caulk around the windows or cracking these are areas that are taking in water each time it rains. If it is not bad get a painter now. If it has been going on paint will not help. Call us for your free estimate!

The most popular replacement method or “budget” method that we do not recommend is to cut the bottom two feet off around the entire house. Then put a 1″x 4″ board at the cut and new wood siding below the board.

The problems that arise with this method are:

  • Vapor barrier behind the wood is also cut and cannot be effectively re-sealed.
  • The 1″x 4″ band board sticks out past the 5/8″ siding all the way around your home at the bottom where more water collects and builds up as it runs down your home.
  • This band does not have a flange like  windows do. When water runs down your home it gets trapped the band acts like a dam. The dam effect invites the water into your home right where the cut in the vapor barrier is from removing the bottom of the siding.
  • The only defense against this water intrusion is quality caulk and paint. Both caulk and paint deteriorate over time. The dam becomes a high maintenance location and something else to keep in mind. At db Home Improvements, We do not like to create worry.
  • With Florida rain, wind driven rain a pinhole becomes a funnel and compromises the structure of your home as well as your interior walls, baseboard, flooring and feeds mold.
  • This type of seepage or any wind driven rain seeping in is not covered by homeowners insurance. Minor seepage often goes unchecked longer causing more damage because it never really dries out.

We replace entire sheets of siding eliminating the leak issue and leaving little evidence of any rework. No worries.

Depending on your budget we can water seal the back 24 inches and bottom edge of the wood siding before installation adding more years to the natural life of the siding.

We can also color match and paint the siding for you, offering you a complete job. If you have your own painter or you like to DIY, we always prime the siding to keep it water sealed until the paint goes on within a couple months.



Wood Rot Repair

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