Should I Invest in Hurricane Windows?

Floridians are no stranger to the threats of hurricane season. Each year, from June to December, conditions in the Atlantic Ocean can breed dangerous storms with winds of over 200 miles per hour. In 2019, the second half of hurricane season has been especially active, with the most recent storms sparring Florida a direct impact. Hurricane season doesn’t end until December and the potential for future storms is still a real threat. Some sources are predicting even more hurricane activity in coming years, leading many Floridians to consider installing hurricane windows in Stuart for a more permanent solution.  

Are Hurricane Windows Worth the Investment? 

Upgrading the windows in your home can be costly and time-consuming. Whether you have large bay windows or smaller, shingled ones, your windows are among the most vulnerable parts of your home during a hurricane. Changes in air pressure, heavy winds, and fly debris can easily shatter traditional windows, causing interior damage to your home and property. 

While metal shutters may be efficient, and wood boarding is okay in a pinch, both these methods of protecting your home’s windows can easily be compromised in the middle of a hurricane. The strong winds can rip shutters from your property if they aren’t adequately secured. Wooden boards my crack or split under the onslaught of wind, rain, and debris. Because of the severity of hurricane weather, exiting your home to try and make repairs is not advised, even during the calm eye of the storm.  

Hurricane windows in Stuart help to avoid all of these potentially catastrophic failures. Because these windows are installed directly into your home’s structure rather than just attached to it, they allow you to rest assured of your safety and protection throughout the storm and beyond. 

Hurricane windows are impact resistant and sealed to prevent leaks.  They can also provide UV protection, as these windows block 99 percent of UV rays. Hurricane windows in Stuart help to lower your cooling and heating bills. Since Florida is known for our perpetual summer, saving on energy costs can quickly offset costs of installation.  

Live in a busy, noisy area? Our insulated impact windows can also reduce noise pollution, making your home the peaceful retreat from the world you need. These beautiful, clear windows you can protect your property without sacrificing your home’s curb appeal. Our impact windows in Stuart aren’t static, like some models. They can be vented from the top and easily cleaned by using this mechanism tip them for easy reach—no ladder necessary! 

Hurricane Windows with DB Home Improvement 

At DB Home Improvement, we are dedicated to helping your house feel more like a home. Part of that mission is ensuring you and your family feel safe and secure in your home. Our hurricane windows in Stuart are designed to provide that security for years to come.

Our team of home renovation experts will guide you throughout the entire process. We provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. No matter what style of window or glass entryway you have, we can help you prepare for the next hurricane threat. 

Don’t get stuck hoping your shutters or plywood will hold through the storm. Contact DB Home Improvements today for more information about our hurricane windows. 

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